Introducing the ValueBlue Application Portfolio Management solution

ValueBlue's approach to APM takes organizations further than typical application rationalization and governance initiatives.

Application Portfolio Management is a core pillar of Business Transformation. It delivers vital input for strategic transformation management, and re-uses (or introduces) existing information from the organization's enterprise architecture and business process management practices. ValueBlue delivers a solution for managing the application portfolio that is closely integrated with the organization's enterprise architecture, and the delivery of its strategic future goals and initiatives. Thanks to clear and complete insight into the application landscape and its relationships with business capabilities, processes, functionalities and enterprise architecture policies and principles, IT teams enjoy multiple benefits.

✔ Functional overlap is identified and removed. This rationalization decreases budget spent on existing applications (and potentially opens up budget for transformation initiatives).

✔ Risky applications are identified and mitigated. Thanks to the complete overview of relationships between applications and business capabilities, processes, data & projects enables, insight can be derived into which capabilities, processes, data or projects are at risk at an application level, so you can prioritize where to act first.

✔ Application characteristics that facilitate future growth & expansion plans are identified. This supports the decision-making and creation of an overall optimized application landscape that allows for more flexibility, agility and faster innovation.

ValueBlue's progressive APM solution offers a number of core benefits thanks to the complete insight it delivers:

Clear, step-by-step approach

ValueBlue's APM solution has been developed using a very clear, step-by-step approach to make it achievable and truly valuable for every organization.

Standard implementation templates

There are standard implementation templates that can be used out-of-the-box for every phase of APM maturity, along with easy to follow step-by-step guidance for executing each stage.

'How-to' guides for each phase of maturity

The solution walks you through the steps of APM, and at each phase of APM maturity tells you how to gather the input (easily), maintain your data, and analyze to achieve better outcomes

Clear reporting templates

There are clear reporting templates for your own BI tooling, with dashboards that lay out what you need to know to make the best decisions.