ValueBlue's unique enablers for progressive Application Portfolio Management

One central repository

The first enabler is our central repository. It guarantees accurate and up-to-date data by stimulating collaboration across the organization – both within IT itself and across the other business functions. Multiple stakeholders contributing from multiple perspectives leads to more accurate and up-to-date information. By giving business users ‘skin in the game’ and making it easy for them with guest links, simple questionnaires and easy navigation, the central repository allows colleagues outside of IT to keep application information current. The integration of various modelling languages means architects can not only access the data, but use it directly in their work. In short:

✔ Reduce time spent gathering data ✔ Forget Excel docs saved on hard drives or personal cloud storage ✔ No more out-of-date application lists

Reinventing the wheel with gathering data is a thing of the past. The central repository imports your existing application data via integrations with your CDMB, SAM and other licensing and software management tools.

Our Central Repository gives you one complete version of the truth

Archimate® and BPMN® compliance — integrate seamlessly with your architecture

Another key enabler is our platform's Archimate® compliance and modeling languages integration. This means that the input gathered from stakeholders across the business in any form: via guest linked questionnaires, software integrations and data imports and can then be quickly and directly linked to your architecture practice. Business users manage the data in the way that’s most comfortable for them, while architects get to work straight away using Archimate®.

As you progress through the APM maturity phases and begin mapping applications to processes, the platform also facilitates integration with BPMN®.

A clear step-by-step approach

ValueBlue’s APM solution has been developed using a very clear, step-by-step approach. Our goal is to guide you through the process and make it easy, achievable and truly valuable for every organization.

ValueBlue has developed standard implementation templates that can be used out-of-the-box for every phase of APM maturity, along with easy to follow step-by-step guidance for executing each stage.

The solution walks you through the steps of APM, and at each phase of APM maturity tells you:

  • How to gather the data — easily
  • How to maintain the data
  • How to analyze, identify impact and achieve better outcomes

There are clear reporting templates for your own BI tooling, with dashboards that lay out what you need to know, so you can easily assess applications on risk, functional fit and more, in relation to business capabilities. All in all, these reliable steps lead to easy impact analyses and more successful and thorough APM.

The benefits, in short

Ultimately, the ValueBlue Application Portfolio Management (APM) solution helps your organization to achieve a more effective, secure and flexible IT landscape:

  • Complete insight into the organization’s application portfolio
  • Identify overlapping application functionality
  • Rationalize and consolidate IT costs whilst ensuring key business capability continuity
  • Assess real and potential application risk, and its impact on projects and initiatives
  • Guarantee accurate and up-to-date data
  • Select better fitting technology and ensure optimal cost-capability balance for your portfolio
  • Make faster technology decisions
  • Achieve transformation goals in a much more agile manner