Mapping the Application Landscape

Data accuracy

Gain an overall, up-to-date, accurate and centralized insight into the application landscape

Risk insight

Gain high level insight into application risk to help prioritize the initial application portfolio management strategy

Every phase of APM maturity requires certain input, delivers specific outcomes, and requires iterative maintenance to ensure your current state is always up-to-date.


Gathering your data and importing it into BlueDolphin

At the Input stage of Maturity Phase 1, we begin to populate the central application repository.

1. Identify any sources across the business that contain information on applications, and import this information into BlueDolphin. Sources may include, but are not limited to:

  • Excel spreadsheets
  • CMDBs
  • Financial Systems
  • Licensing software
  • Software Asset Management systems

2. Define which applications should be part of the APM practice: what is your organization’s definition of an ‘application’ in this context? Some example criteria to consider include:

  • All managed applications
  • Applications with license costs over $x / annum
  • Applications containing customer data
  • External applications only

3. Add any missing applications to the view

4. Assign an Application Owner per application

5. Have Application Owners complete the Application Risk questionnaire, using Guest Links where required

6. Track the data gathering progress using BlueDolphin’s Completeness Reports.


Maintaining the application information

It's vital to put in place processes for capturing new applications so they can managed effectively, as well as processes for phasing out applications that need to be removed. These processes will be continuous as your application portfolio evolves.


Access the application insights

Example: Create a simple application landscape overview

1. Get insight on the risk score per application using BlueDolphin’s Application Risk Report 2. Use the dashboards to report on and communicate risk scores and insights