Segmenting by Capability

Risk to Business Capabilities

Insight into which capabilities are potentially at risk, based on the risk scores of the applications they depend on

Every phase of APM maturity requires certain input, delivers specific outcomes, and requires iterative maintenance to ensure your current state is always up-to-date.


Gathering your data and importing it into BlueDolphin

In phase 2, we are mapping the application landscape to our business capability model.

1. The organization's existing Capability Model is required here. This can and should be captured in BlueDolphin.

An example Current State Business Capability Model in BlueDolphin

2. Using BlueDolphin's relationship fields, map applications to the relevant business capabilities.


Maintaining the application information

As with the previous phase, putting in place maintenance processes are vital. A process should be in place and followed for mapping any new application to the related business capabilities, for an always-accurate current state overview.


Access the application insights

  1. Get insight on the application risk per capability score per application using BlueDolphin’s Capability Report.
  2. Use the PowerBI dashboards to report on and communicate application risk per capability scores and insights.

Filter your reports to get insight into Business Capabilities most at risk, due to applications. Here, Warehouse Management is a big concern due to issues with Oracle WMS.