Applications & Business Process Architecture

Business Value Assessment

The assessment of business value of an application, based on its function within a particular process (or processes) which then enables analysis of functional overlap within the application landscape

Business Impact Analysis

Insight into the business impact of your application landscape on existing business processes (e.g., application costs per process, processes at risk.

Every phase of APM maturity requires certain input, delivers specific outcomes, and requires iterative maintenance to ensure your current state is always up-to-date.


Gathering your data and importing it into BlueDolphin

As with some of the other APM maturity phases, phase 4 draws on other elements of your organization's Enterprise Architecture. In order to map your applications to your business processes, you will need to begin with your organization's existing Business PRocess Architecture.

Using this, we will then identify which applications are used per process step, and create these relationships within BlueDolphin.

If a Business Process Architecture is unavailable, it is also possible to perform the application-process mapping from the application perspective — by noting the impacted process steps to an application's characteristics. However, we recommend starting with the Business Process Architecture to ensure all processes are captured.


Maintaining the Application Information

Create clear guidelines that ensure any new applications added to the portfolio are mapped to the related business processes and process steps, and that newly created business processes are linked to the applications that support them in BlueDolphin.


Access the Application Insights

As a result of mapping applications to business processes:

1. You can evaluate the business value of your applications. Which processes are they being used for? How do these inter-relate to the business capabilities considered in phase 2?

2. You will also get important insight into how you organization's various business processes are being affected by the documented application characteristics.

3. Of course, you will also be able to track and monitor the progress of the application to process mapping with BI dashboards.

Here we can see a simple overview of the Current State Process Architecture, complete with mapped applications.

Check and monitor the progress of your business process to application mapping, for a view of related applications and business value scores.

Here we see an overview of business processes against applications, along with their business value scores and can easily spot red flags.

Review business risk and business value scores per business capability, and dive into the details to get a closer look at specific processes.