Identify functional overlap

Application function mapping

An overview of how well functions are supported by applications and an indication of functional quality score

Rationalization potential

Identification of application overlap (or gaps) leading to rationalization opportunities

Every phase of APM maturity requires certain input, delivers specific outcomes, and requires iterative maintenance to ensure your current state is always up-to-date.


Gathering your data and importing it into BlueDolphin

During this final phase of APM maturity, we are performing an application function mapping and assessing rationalization potential. This requires information about both the functions required by business processes, which of these functions are supported by which application(s), and information about the functional quality of each application. You can use the guest links and questionnaires in BlueDolphin to gather information about functionality from functional application managers and users across the organization.

Easily capture the functionality provided by every application


Maintaining the Application Function data

Put in place a process to gather and maintain information on which application functionalities are available and in use.


Access the Insights

Now we have our applications mapped to business capabilities, processes and have insight into their functionality and assessment scores, we have all the insight we need to perform effective and secure rationalization and harmonization of the entire application landscape.

Here we can see a complete overview of the application portfolio by business capability. Let's filter based on application functionality to identify functional overlap.

We can see that there are 2 applications with Demand Planning functionality. This could signify rationalization potential. Review the application assessment scores and business value scores to identify opportunities.