How to use the BlueDolphin platform for APM

Start Page & Explanation

We recommend you begin by familiarizing yourself with the Solution Overview and Explanation available within BlueDolphin. These explanatory BlueDolphin views give you detail on the APM Maturity Model and Convention Model. Within the Solution Overview, the basic attributes required for APM at each stage are explained, along with the Modelling View Template.

APM Convention Model

ValueBlue's standard convention model for Application Portfolio Management

ValueBlue has created a standard convention model for APM within BlueDolphin. This convention brings the application portfolio together with strategic, operational and implementation elements from the rest of the business. By mapping the relationships between applications and their functions, the business capabilities they enable, and the business processes and projects for which they are used, we can gain the clearest and most complete insight into the health of the application landscape.

Standard Templates

Example templates for mapping applications to business capabilities and business units/locations

To support the convention model, BlueDolphin also offers standard templates for each phase of APM growth and maturity. Once data is gathered, the standard templates can be used to visualize the current state implementation, as well as to envision the potential future state based on rationalization and consolidation decisions.

Reporting Dashboards

Example: Create an application matrix based on both business risk and business value, and segment by business capability

Along with the standard implementation templates and step-by-step guidance through each APM maturity phase, BlueDolphin also offers pre-defined dashboards that capture the most important insights at each maturity phase, in your own BI tooling.