Welcome to APM 2.0

The challenges faced by IT teams continue to grow, year over year. Technology leaders are responsible now for proactively ensuring that their application landscapes support the needs of the business in the most optimal way. This requires a pretty precise balancing act between functionality, cost, and potential risks.

Business value for today, future growth for tomorrow

Not only does the application landscape need to deliver more business value today, but it also needs to facilitate future growth and innovation for tomorrow.

Centralized information for better insights

The biggest hurdle we see time and time again is a lack of centralized information. The information exists, but it’s usually scattered across the organization, and there is no central communication channel.

Enter the new ValueBlue APM solution

The new ValueBlue Application Portfolio Management (APM) solution gives organizations the insight they need to support decision making. With this new solution, we are enabling APM in an entirely unique way.